How does Companies’ Twitter accounts have an effect on consumers?

Is talking about Twitter’s business model a new trend?  Many marketing people have presented studies of Twitter how Twitter can make a validity of companies’ business.  Many studies state that Twitter is the efficient tool to communicate with consumers.

One of the largest technological companies in the world, Dell, said that Twitter had an effect to be produced $1 million in Dell’s revenue in 2008 over the past.  Twitter was used as sales alert by Dell.  People received messages when Dell’s Outlet Store has discounted products if people follow Dell on Twitter.  It seems that using Twitter as a promotional/sales tool is no doubt invaluable.

In October 2011, another study about customers’ behavior was announced.  The study presented that people who follow companies’ Twitter account are likely to buy the companies’ products.  The study also said that 79 percent of Twitter users follow fewer than 10 brands’ account.  Moreover, 75 percent of brands’ followers have not un-followed the brands’ accounts.

There were similar studies, but the findings how consumers interact with brands were about on Facebook.  The findings from both studies about Twitter and Facebook show similarities as customer behavior.

The study also presented that 50 percent of Twitter users are heavily frequent Internet users.  They go online more than once an hour.  In Facebook’s case, only 34 percent of users go online several times per hour.

Twitter users even use Facebook more than users who only use Facebook.  60 percent of Twitter users use Facebook more than three hours per week although the comparison of users who use only Facebook was 49 percent.

Twitter followers read brands’ posts more than the users tweet about the brands.  84 percent of the followers read the brands’ tweets which are posted by the brands, and 23 percent of the brands’ followers post about the brands.  Moreover, 67 percent of followers expect unique content from the brands which the users follow.  This might be the nugget of information for business strategy.

Scott Monty, the head of social media for Ford Motor Company, posts an article about a Twitter Business Guide on his personal blog, recently.  This guide introduces everything from setting up an account, the differences between communications and marketing with Twitter, and some tools which users will need.  In the first section “1. What is Twitter?” of the guide, it says that Twitter “fulfills three major purposes:”

  1. Create awareness to users who do not know about you
  2. Retain the attention from users who follow you
  3. Enhance your presence and influence on the internet

Why did Ford’s Social Media expert introduce the guide on his personal blog?  It was posted on October 7, 2011.  The blog post was tweeted by more than 400 Twitter users, and was shared by 50 people on Facebook for a month.  Additionally, the post-itself got 38 comments on his blog.  This fact shows that many people are interested in the communication and marketing in business with using Twitter, and people were waiting eagerly for a simply understandable guide of Twitter.  It seems that Scott could read people’s thoughts and put the guide; it was well-timed.  Scott and his blog will be keeping to attract a great deal of attention.

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The Social Media Marketing Blog: Twitter Business Guide

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